Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT® – Barcelona Orange

This vivacious, dark orange Chalk Paint® colour is based on the modern colour used copiously by the Impressionists, in early advertisements and in 1960’s decoration. Such a brilliant orange was not available until the early 20th century. With Black Chalk Paint® Wax, it becomes burnt orange – the colour of some Chinese lacquer.


Orange Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint, which is known for its matte chalky appearance and decorative uses, is becoming a popular choice among those who love to DIY. If you’re looking to give your furniture a more rustic look, orange chalk paint is the paint you should use. Chalk paint is vastly different from chalkboard paint, which you can use to write on; this paint only leaves a chalk look. Other than some metals and laminate surfaces, chalk paint can be used to paint over any dry, clean surface without needing any preparation work. While many people use chalk paint for smaller projects, such as furniture pieces, it can be used to paint a room, and depending on the colour you’ve chosen and painted over, you may only need one coat.

Buying wood furniture, such as Oregon Pine, can be expensive, but now you can give your existing wooden furniture this same look at a fraction of the price by using orange furniture paint. It can also be used to create an antique look, and by using fine sandpaper over certain areas, you can give it a more authentic appearance. Mixing various shades of chalk paints will give your furniture a unique colour, look, and feel and can be used to match the rest of the furniture in your home.


What You Should Know About Annie Sloan Barcelona Orange

Chalk Paint was created by Annie Sloan in 1990, and while she is the original developer, there are many other imitation variations of the paint available, however, her paint remains a popular seller due to its superiority.

  • The Barcelona orange was designed after the early impressionists from the 1960s and gives your furniture a burnt orange look; when it comes to the orange range, the Barcelona orange is the most popular selling shade, used both indoors and out.
  • While you don’t necessarily need to add a top coat to your painted item, it does leave it vulnerable to the elements, for this reason, companions were developed to complement your chalk paint. There are topcoats and waxes to seal and finish off your project. You can also purchase pearlescent glazes or gliding waxes, in various colours when you want to add decorative finishes to the furniture.
  • When you paint with chalk paints you won’t require a specific make of paintbrush, just use a quality brush, and start your project.

Whether you’re planning on refurbishing your furniture or painting a room, you can buy your orange chalk paint, among other colours, from Mint by Michelle.



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