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Become A Stockist

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mint by Michelle stockist!

We invite you to read through an overview of our terms & conditions below and, if you would like to apply, complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page.
    • We have some simple requirements to become a retailer for Mint Decoupage Papers and A1 - Artists First Transfers, Mint Mineral Paint and, in order to expedite your application, we will need the following information:
    • Business Information including Name, Email, Contact Details etc.
    • All retailer requests must be accompanied by a valid bricks and mortar business location address or a booth/stall or an online store. If online, a valid domain, shopping cart and website is required. We do not accept EBay, Amazon, or 3rd Party Resellers or such as valid shopping carts with the exception of an Etsystore. 
    • Current RRP;
    • Mint Decoupage Paper AUD$39.95 (A1) and AUD$24.95 (A3).
    • Mint Mineral Paint AUD$42.00
    • Mint Tissue Papers AUD$26
    • A1 - Artists First Transfers AUD$54.95 (A1) and AUD$69.95 (2xA1)
    • Mint decoupage papers and A1 transfers may be sold via Etsy, however, no other 3rd party platforms are permitted (see above).
    • We currently accept minimum first orders of $600 (Mint Mineral Paint initial order: AUD$880 = 2 x each of the 22 colours). 
    • To remain current, all stockists must order with a minimum order frequency of 2 times per year (every 6 months), however, there is no ongoing minimum order value.
    • We currently do not have territory protections in place, however, sales territory will be worked out on a case by case basis. MINT by Michelle will work with the stockist to determine the territory area for that particular geographical area taking into account population density and ensuring that the stockists market meets its sales potential without over saturation.
    • The expectation is that new stockists will make an initial order within 7 days of signing the final agreement.
    • Our orders normally ship within 1-2 business days of receipt. We are unable to make add-ons to orders that are already submitted, as these are considered final. However, if an exceptional circumstance arises we can review your request, please note not every request will be granted.
    • All applications will be reviewed before new applicants are able to login to a wholesale account. Mint by Michelle will contact each applicant to advise next steps.

For more questions about becoming a MINT by Michelle Decoupage Paper Retailer, an A1 - Artists First Transfers Retailer or a MINT Mineral Paint retailer, please email admin@mintbymichelle.com.

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