Welcome to the heart and soul of Mint by Michelle, where dreams unfold and creativity knows no bounds!

The Mint journey began in 2016, right in Michelle's garage—a space filled not just with tools and paint but with the laughter and energy of two young boys. Michelle, a sole parent on a mission, embarked on the extraordinary task of nurturing a business and two growing boys simultaneously. Against the backdrop of the chaotic symphony of parenting, Mint blossomed. Michelle, with her unwavering dedication, turned the seemingly insurmountable into something extraordinary. She singlehandedly sculpted Mint into a global brand, reaching the far corners of the world, inspiring creative souls all over the globe with Mint by Michelle retailers now found in over 30 countries.

Rooted in the spirit of Australia, Mint by Michelle takes immense pride in revolutionizing the furniture art industry. The Mint claim to fame? The iconic decoupage paper line—a stroke of genius designed with furniture art in mind. It wasn't just a product; it was a spark that ignited a passion for creative expression. But Mint doesn't stop there. Mint has expanded its palette of possibilities, introducing a spectrum of transfers, a Mineral Paint line that breathes life into your artistic visions, delicate tissue papers that whisper tales of creativity, and the now-famous Mint Denim Overalls and so much more.

Mint is more than a company; it is a family. Family-owned and operated, each product offered is a testament to the love and care woven into every fiber of Mint. As you explore the Mint world of colours, textures, and limitless possibilities, Mint extends a warm invitation to become a part of its creative family.

So, whether you're an experienced artist or a budding enthusiast, it's hoped that Mint by Michelle becomes a canvas for your imagination. Join Mint on this inspiring journey, where every brushstroke tells a story, and every creation is a celebration of the extraordinary.

Welcome to Mint by Michelle—where creativity meets heart, and the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

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