Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT® – Cream

Cream is a Chalk Paint® colour based on the traditional creamy yellow used on old woodwork. You can use it as part of a retro fifties look or pair it with Paris Grey for a vintage French look.


Cream Chalk Paint

One of the most creative, versatile and artistic inventions of our times would have to be Annie Sloan’s cream chalk paints. It is adaptable, making it easy to use and apply on any surface. All the muscle you require will go into opening the tin, dipping your brush, and start applying your coat of cream furniture paint. The rich, warm colour will give your furniture a head-turning vintage look.

You can use chalk paint on just about any surface, indoors or outside, metal, wood, glass, plastic, and so much more. The cream colour is ideal for giving a vintage French look to your furniture or decorative pieces.


What You Should Know About Cream Chalk Paint

Don’t stress if you are not a professional painter since the paint is easy to use and work with. You can unleash your creativity and arty side without having to worry about the method of preparation. Let your imagination run free by mixing and matching different shades of chalk paint colours to suit your taste without much effort.

  • There is no prior groundwork required. Application is a breeze since there is no need to prepare the surface beforehand. Enjoy painting without having to do any sanding, priming or stripping away past layers of paint. Annie Sloan paint provides you with a quick, easy and convenient way to paint without sacrificing quality and elegance.
  • It offers smooth coverage and durability. Chalk paint is much thicker than traditional paint, and therefore, it only needs one or two coats for even coverage over your surfaces. Drips and spills can wipe up effortlessly with the swipe of a clean cloth. Once dried completely, you will have a beautifully finished work of art that is durable and robust.
  • Chalk paint is environmentally friendly. Being water-based rather than the regular latex or acrylics means that it contains very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Thus it has little to no odour, making it extremely kind to the environment and you.

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