Mint by Michelle OVERALLS

Mint by Michelle overalls are an excellent quality denim overall designed to look great while you paint, DIY, shop, or anything else you can think of - they'll look great doing just about anything!

They come in 3 sizes - the S is an Australian size 10/12 (US 6/8), the M an Australian 14/16 (US 10/12), the L is an Australian size 22 (US size 16).

The denim, like good quality jeans, will mould to you and loosen but they are NOT a stretch fabric. They are a dark denim wash with a button fly (2 buttons on either side) and have a boyish denim jean fit. 

The S is great on an Australian 6 to 12 - depending on how baggy you like your overalls (size 12 would be fitted). 

The M is great on an Australian 12 to 16 - depending on how baggy you like them. 

The L is perfect for an Australian size 16 to 20/22. 

Size Guide - measurements -

S waist 34.6 inch, hip 42.5, length 61

M waist 38 inch, hip 46 inch, length 62

L waist 46 inch, hip 57, length 62

Particulars - 100% cotton, 10oz denim

Please send us pics of you in your Mint overalls - we'd love to see them!

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