Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT® – Original

A warm, slightly creamy, traditional white, Original is the colour of old painted furniture. This Chalk Paint® colour is perfectly paired with Duck Egg BlueAntoinette and Louis Blue for a delicate old distressed French look.


Original Chalk Paint

To give your furniture an old, distressed look, Anni Sloan original Chalk Paint® is the best option. This paint is more of a creamy white colour with a warm undertone and blends perfectly with Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue, Louis Blue, and Antoinette. In addition, these paints adhere well to most surfaces, including wood, laminate, and concrete, and they can withstand the harsh Australian outdoors.

For the best results, be sure to shake the tin well before you start painting and always use a good quality paintbrush. Chalk Paint® lasts longer if you seal it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Wax or Lacquer.


Benefits of Using Annie Sloan Original

One of the top benefits of Annie Sloan original paint is that it dries that much quicker than typical latex paints. As a result, chalk paints are not only a pleasure to use for its distressing effects and rustic looks, but it also saves you hours of waiting for furniture to dry.

  • One tin covers a large area. You typically only need one or two coats of paint to cover the entire surface of your furniture. That's around 13 square metres or about the same size as a China cabinet, which means that your chalk paint will take you a lot further than other paints ever could.
  • Chalk paints tend to leave brush marks, and if that's something you're not crazy about, there are easy ways around it. For example, you can lightly sand the furniture between coats, or you can thin your paint a little bit if it's very thick. Another option is to simplify the process and use a roller.
  • Clean-up after painting with chalk paint takes you mere minutes. You can let it dry on your brushes and rub it off, or you can soak your brushes in water. If you accidentally spill some paint, you can easily wash it out. Even without sealing the paint with wax, you can use the furniture as soon as the paint is dry.

With Annie Sloan original Chalk Paint®, you can turn your entire home into a distressed or rustic antique haven. Chalk paints have a way of bringing to life the most straightforward paint effects that other paints aren't able to; with Annie Sloan's perfect mixture, you can define the texture however you want it by simply stirring some water into the paint. Get the ideal blend with Annie Sloan original paints.




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