Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT® – Oxford Navy

Oxford Navy is an inky, traditional navy blue Chalk Paint® colour which evokes the strong, august blue of academic insignia and fountain pens, as well as the rich pigment indigo blue so synonymous with traditional Indian block printing.


Navy Chalk Paint | Mint By Michelle


Navy Chalk Paint Chalk paint looks matte and chalky to add a shabby-chic, rustic style to your home décor and furnishings. It enables you to create a distressed appearance without much effort, bestowing vintage charm and character.

  • Add a finish or wax to seal the surface when the Chalk Paint® is dry, fashioning a patina and producing a vintage feel.
  • Our navy furniture paint is not the same thing as the chalkboard paint people use to create a surface they can write on with chalk. It is also different from traditional paint.
  • It does not require preparation but will cover most dry, clean, painted surfaces, except shiny laminate or metal. Our navy chalk-paint fills in cracks and finishes details beautifully as it goes on smoothly. It is water-based, enabling you to clean your brushes with soap and water, and is less prone to dripping than regular paint.

Treat your bathroom vanity, chairs or dresser. Create various décor styles - such as farmhouse, bohemian and minimalist – depending on whether you paint the furniture item a solid colour or give it an antique finish.


The Benefits of Our Navy Furniture Paint

You can paint an entire wall or very nearly any surface with our Annie Sloan easy-to-use, reliable, decorative chalk paint quickly - whether indoors or outdoors - if you find a matte look pleasing.

  • It is designed to adhere to exteriors without sanding it first; you need not strip off layers of paint beforehand if you use chalk paint. Give the item a light sanding first and wipe it down with a wet cloth before painting it if you desire a very smooth finish.
  • Chalk paint is comparatively opaque and thick, and you may only need one coat, depending on the colour the object was to start. If that is not good enough, a second coat should provide the texture and surface appearance you want.

Order this versatile product plus a finishing coat to protect it against damage or staining and release the artist within.


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