Tips & Techniques

Michelle shows you how to create a pressed metal look quickly and easily with structure paste & a stencil and some metallic paint.
Let me show you the difference between your Annie Sloan waxes - Clear, Dark, Black and White and demonstrate when and why you'd use them in your furniture revamping!
To ensure a smooth as silk application of your Mint by Michelle decoupage paper we recommend using the iron on method demonstrated in this quick video by Michelle.
Decoupage is back baby and it's the quickest and easiest way to update your old into new. This quick video tutorial will show you just how simple it is to update your furniture using Mint by Michelle decoupage papers.
Did you know you can simply paint the fabric on a chair to update it? Make it look like leather? This quick video tutorial will show you how.
Do you love stripes? We do! Watch this short video where we show you how to get the perfect stripes on your table.
This video shows you how to quickly and economically update your kitchen into something you love!
In this short video I show you how to spray paint your furniture quickly and easily!
In this short video I teach you how to quickly and easily dry brush a photo frame for maximum affect in minimum time!
A quick introduction into how you can quickly and easily update your old fabric chairs by painting them with chalk paint.

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