Mint Grip Pro-Adhere Primer 500ml NEW RELEASE

Meet Mint Grip Pro-Adhere Primer, your ally in perfection from Mint by Michelle.

Elevate your creations to new heights with Mint Grip, an exceptional problem-solving primer crafted for perfection. Tailored for shiny and slick surfaces, including glass, tile, formica, and more, Mint Grip is the confidence boost your projects need. Experience peace of mind with Mint Grip's expert adhesion. 

It's as easy as Clean, Shake, Stir & Paint. 

Coverage - approx 6.5sqm

Drying time - 1 to 2 hours

Cleaning and disposal - Use Mint's brush soap and warm water

Health and Safety - Low VOC

Application - Brush, roller or spray gun

To Paint - for best results use Mint Mineral Paint

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