Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT® – Old White

The colour of chalk and gesso, Old White is a soft off-white Chalk Paint® colour that works with everything. It has no pink or yellow in it so you can use it to lighten any of the other Chalk Paint® colour and create the exact tone for your room. Paint it over Paris Grey for the quintessential French look or add water to create a white wash and bring out the grain in wood.


White Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan’s off-white Chalk Paint® is the perfect white furniture paint if you need to refurbish or spruce up your home. The paint has no yellow or pink cast, so you can easily use it to lighten up any of Annie Sloan's other Chalk Paint® colours. You can also add water to the paint for a whitewash effect on your favourite wood surfaces.

The white furniture paint tin is large enough to complete an entire dresser project (around 13 square metres), with one or two coats of paint necessary for most surfaces. Most furniture is already smooth enough and doesn't require additional sanding or even primer. However, if your surface is on the rougher side, it would be best to consider some light sanding to smooth it out before you start painting.

Always stir your paint well before you use it and if it's a bit too thick, add some water. Make sure you use good quality paintbrushes for the best effects.


Tips For Getting More Value Out of Your White Furniture Paint

Annie Sloan's white furniture paint works wonders on surfaces such as laminate, concrete, and wood, and you can use it outdoors or indoors. If you are adventurous, you can use different brush strokes to add accent styles and special effects. Follow our tips and tricks for the best results in refurbishing your furniture to make your house a cosy home.

  • The crosshatch brush stroke is perfect for old and antique furniture. You will need to brush an area vertically and then follow up with horizontal brush strokes. For extensive areas, the best brush would be the Annie Sloan® Round Brush – Large.
  • A unique and texturised effect will create small peaks in the paint. It is known as a stipple effect. Apply the paint thickly on the surface, then follow over it by dabbing the area with the end of the bristles. This technique will create a stipple-like texture on the surface. To better control the effect, you should use the Annie Sloan® Round Brush – Medium.
  • Finally, the perfect finish for any surface is the feather technique. This technique will create a smooth surface when you paint with delicate strokes over the first layer to add to the smoothness of the paint. For the best effect, you can use any Annie Sloan® Round Brushes depending on the size of the surface.


Annie Sloan is the incredible Chalk Paint® products creator and has become world-renowned for her innovative skills and ideas.


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