Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT® – Giverny

Giverny is a bright blue Chalk Paint® colour. A cool, clean colour, it is near the greener range of blues, without any red in it. Named after the village in Northern France where Claude Monet lived, this brilliant blue was especially popular in early 20th Century interiors and is perfect for a mid-century to modern contemporary palette.


Blue Chalk Paint

Blue is a primary colour, and it is estimated that there are 260 shades of blue: ranging from power blue to sky blue, airforce and royal blue. Because of the wide range of this colour, it lends itself to use in different ways: lighter blue to create the illusion of space in a small room, royal blue to make a statement, turquoise to create the feeling of the ocean in the corner of the house. Blue chalk paint is an easy way to transform an old piece of furniture to give it new life.


Tips for Planning to Use Blue Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a little secret that will turn your next revamp project into a dream. Easy to use and minimal preparation, this is suitable for almost all surfaces, like wood, metal, laminate, fabric and tiles.

  • Chalk paint is a water-based medium: having water and an old cloth close by to clean up as you go is advisable.
  • Different brush strokes create different effects. Play beforehand, to understand how to create the effects you want.
  • Using fine sandpaper can create a distressed look. Use this cautiously.


Tips Regarding Blue Furniture Paint

Blue is a versatile colour and, mixed with red and green, can become a rainbow of colours. Blue is associated with inspiration, intuition, freedom and sensitivity.

  • Darker shades of blue walls can create a more dramatic feel in a room. However, used on furniture pieces makes for a focal point.
  • Shades of light blue, such as sky, arctic or aqua, on furniture can create a calming effect and is easily matched with other colours.
  • Blue is popularly used by the financial and insurance industries as it conveys a sense of trust and safety. Interestingly, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn use blue in their brands. Scrolling may just land you some inspiration!


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