Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT® – Duck Egg Blue

This soft green-blue Chalk Paint® colour stems from the first discovery of a good blue pigment in the 18th Century, which was then lightened with white. It can be described as a Rococo blue, as nothing says French and Swedish interiors quite like this colour.


Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint

If you’re interested in bringing an old piece of furniture back to life, why not consider using duck egg blue chalk paint? The selection of chalk paint at Mint by Michelle is second to none. Regardless of whether you fancy a unique blue colour or you feel like yellow suits your preference, you can count on our team to provide you with colour options from nearly every shade of the rainbow.


Tips for Getting More Value Out of Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint

One of the popular enquiries that we receive from clients revolves around getting more value from their investment in our duck egg blue chalk paint. Here are a couple of helpful recommendations:

  • Keeping unused paint in a safe location is vital in using the paint in the future. Once you’ve finished with your project, a good rule of thumb is to keep it in a closet or in a place where it can’t be accidentally spilled. Before you put the paint away, always double-check and make sure that you’ve tightly closed the lid.
  • If you still have extra paint left after your project, be sure to wipe down the rim of the paint can before you try to seal it. Doing so will eliminate paint shooing out from under the lid which can cause waste. Also, don’t forget to always open and close a paint can on a tarp or in an area that is easy to clean up just in case there is extra splatter.
  • Opting to purchase a smaller 120ml container of paint to test out on a piece of furniture before you invest in a litre size will ensure that you’re happy with the colour. Once you’ve settled on the right colour, keep in mind that it can take two coats to finish the project, so be sure to order enough, so you don’t have to stop halfway through.

Whether you’re trying to restore an old table or feel like a piece of furniture needs a fresh coat of paint, Mint by Michelle has what you need to help it stand out and make it unique.


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