Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT® – Chicago Grey

Chicago Grey is a cool, fresh and modern grey Chalk Paint® colour, with a hint of blue. Suggestive of the architecture in Chicago, it’s the perfect neutral for industrial interiors, or muted Scandinavian styling.


Grey Chalk Paint

If you are a fan of DIY, then you will love our grey chalk paint, a decorative and surface enhancing paint. It’s famous for its matte look and a washed-out appearance invented and created by the famous and revolutionary crafter Annie Sloan. An authority in paints, she has produced her greys using a balance of complementary colours for attention and depth.

This grey chalk paint allows you to express your creative side without worrying about hours of technical preparation before painting the surface. Application is hassle-free; there is no need to prime or sand down your surface since chalk paint will adhere to most surfaces. Chalk painted furniture is a popular trend, and grey is the ideal colour choice for revamping your furniture and decor to take on a rustic or shabby-chic style. You can easily create a distressed look if you want vintage charm and add character to your home.


Tips Regarding Chalk Paint

You will find yourself hooked on the latest craze and trends in furniture painting and home décor once you learn this way of painting which requires no preparation before you start. All that’s needed is to pick out the furniture you want to refurbish and apply the smooth grey chalk paint to its surface. It creates a genuinely therapeutic, liberating and transformational experience.

  • Our paints work remarkably on furniture and will also take to various other surfaces like metal, wood, plastic, glass, marble, walls, interiors and exteriors. When you want a quick and convenient way to upstyle your outdated furniture or decorative pieces, then chalk paint is for you.
  • There is no need for any prior priming and sanding on your surface as it will stick to most surfaces. All that is required is to clean the surface with soapy water, wipe it through and let it dry. Once dry, you are all set to start painting on your selected canvass and watch it change into a beautiful masterpiece.
  • Make sure to have enough ventilation when you are undertaking a painting project. Chalk paint is non-toxic and environmentally friendly since it contains extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with little to no odour.

Mint By Michelle endeavour to provide the broadest range of chalk paints and bring you tips and techniques to paint with confidence and explore your creativity.



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