Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT® – Capri Pink

The newest colour in the Annie Sloan range!

Named after the upscale Italian island resort, Capri Pink is inspired by the vivid bright pinks which populate folk palettes around the globe, from Mexican textiles to Pakistani truck art to Romany gypsy caravan interiors. Capri Pink is a true hot pink with depth and energy, provocative yet captivating. Use it as an accent colour alongside cool-toned brights, with reds and pinks for a tonal symphony, or buffer with warm cocoa-toned hues for sophisticated elegance.

1 litre is enough to cover approximately 13 square metres. After painting, seal indoor furniture with Chalk Paint® Wax. On floors, seal with Chalk Paint® Lacquer.

Please note that paint colours will vary depending on screen settings. We cannot guarantee that paint colours will exactly match the colour you see on screen. If you are in doubt, please order a Colour Card or project pot first.


Pink Chalk Paint

Why Use Pink Chalk Paint

Now, we can’t tell you why you should use pink chalk paint, except perhaps that Annie Sloan Capri Pink is an amazingly enticing vivid pink colour that will spruce up any drab space. The Capri pink chalk paint was inspired by the bright pinks that populate folk palettes around the globe. Being a true hot pink with energy and depth that captivates and provokes, it is the perfect tint to use as an accent colour along with cocoa-toned hues as a buffer to lend a touch of sophisticated elegance to your project.

Chalk paint is a decorative furniture paint specifically designed by Annie Sloane to be easy to use, quick and reliable. You can use chalk paint both indoors and outdoors on just about any surface, and it rarely requires sanding or priming to prepare surfaces for its use. You can paint wood, metal or melamine with it, or even flooring. Pink furniture paint is also suitable to dye fabric or to paint on glass. It is delightfully versatile.

Whether a beginner or an experienced furniture painter, Annie Sloan paint is the foolproof furniture paint to create any fantastic look and feel that you desire. You can create an authentic aged rustic effect, or you can revamp a boring pine bedside table, colour-block or completely modernise your interior. You can get straight to the fun part of creating magnificent art in your home, as there is no tiresome preparation work before starting with the chalk paint.


Benefits and Useful Tips for Use

Chalk paint dries to a beautiful matte finish for a modern look and feel. It can be layered or distressed, and sanded. Just be careful to store your paint properly, not exposed to air, and you will enjoy a one to five-year shelf life on a can of paint. Chalk paint finishes are endlessly diverse, with a look and colour to suit every style.

  • You can easily mix colours to create unique colours and shades.
  • For a luxuriously velvety finish that will look good in any home, you can use two coats of chalk paint followed by a coat of Clear Chalk Paint Wax.
  • You can make Annie Sloane paint into a wash by adding water to it or thicken it by leaving the can open for a while as evaporation concentrates the paint.

If you add a Chalk Paint Wax or lacquer coat to your project, it will protect the finish and make it more durable.


Decorative Dilemmas Solved

Chalk Paint can solve your furniture decoration dilemmas with a stroke of a brush. Let’s get straight to the fun and hassle-free part of creating beautiful works of art at home.



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