Get the look - amazing Stars & Stripes chair makeover

  • 1 min read

 Pretty well the coolest chair you've ever seen AND the most brilliant demonstration of how amazing our decoupage papers can work to transform fabric with decoupage. It is durable, it is durable, it is durable (for those of you who want to know :) and it feels and acts just like leather. Beautiful! This amazing paper is from our brand new release called "Stars & Stripes". It has been paired with our made to measure paints in the colours In the Deep, Michelle's Lipstick and Woollen Jumper.

The process is very straight forward;

1) prep your piece by painting (with diluted paint) the fabric

2) if the fabric is porous (not leather or vinyl), mist the fabric with water, apply paint, let dry, sand with a fine grit sanding paper. In the case of leather or vinyl just paint - no need to mist first. 

3) Apply your decoupage paper. If it's fabric you'll need to apply a little more than usual as some will be taken up by the fabric. 

4) Paint and blend as normal (see video)

A mazing makeover is by Joanna at @relove_restore



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