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Best Brush Cleaner

Clean up after painting had always been a dreaded chore for me. I can’t count the number of times I would miss a brush for clean up and find it three days later, paint dried out, bristles stiff. I tried all sorts of ideas to get brushes clean, wax brushes were particularly troublesome! My hands always ended up sore and over washed.

The idea of a cleaner in a container seemed like a great idea – less handling. The formula used for the Best Brush Cleaner is olive oil rich so as well as being beautifully cleansing, it is nourishing, leaving bristles soft and in good condition. Hands are given a break, just wet the brush bristles and swirl in the tin to achieve a good lather. Massage bristles as required and then rinse well in fresh water. 

The Best Brush Cleaner is also fantastic for make up brush clean up!

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